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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Google: fAilure Carries No Stigma!

Fast Company recently published a piece describing nine ways through which innovation is encouraged at Google.


"Ever wonder what makes the Google the holy grail of productivity and creativity? There's no magic in the drinking water at the Mountain View, CA company. The tech giant draws from what Google's chief social evangelist, Gopi Kallayil, calls the nine core principles of innovation."

And at No. 8:

There should be no stigma attached to failure. If you do not fail often, you are not trying hard enough. At Google, once a product fails to reach its potential, it is axed, but the company pulls from the best of the features. "Failure is actually a badge of honor," he [Kallayil] says. "Failure is the way to be innovative and successful. You can fail with pride.""

Friday, November 29, 2013

A History of Design @ Apple

Readers familiar with my writings and opinions know that I am NOT a fan of Apple. But if Apple is a success at anything - it's a path breaking design firm. Max Chafkin produced this six-part series on Apple design. He did fail to begin the story where it should have, in 1984 with the introduction of the Mac... (hello?) ..but spins a good tale nevertheless. And, heck, we should spend some time understanding why DESPITE everything else that is wrong with this company's approach and strategy - it IS so successful... So here goes:

Part I: An Oral History Of Apple Design: 1992 "The greatest business story of this generation is a design tale."

Part II: An Oral History Of Apple Design: 2000 Steve had to have control over anything and everything that had to do with his products.

Part III: An Oral History Of Apple Design: 2001 Apple Design becomes experimental.

Part IV: An Oral History Of Apple Design: 2004 Perfecting the iPod.

Part V: An Oral History Of Apple Design: 2010 Milking the cash cows.

Part VI: An Oral History Of Apple Design: 2013 After Steve's death, Apple loses focus. Coming soon: the iWash, an iPod controlled washing machine... :-)